Monochrome photo of a woman wading at the seashore, with script text of a haiku below

all my rough edges
smoothed out by salt air
morning stroll

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  1. martin1223 Says:

    Thank You for your haiga…

  2. Mike Says:

    This ia a very good poem,

  3. magyar Says:

    __ Your thoughts flow through this photo/senryu, and its haiga result stirs further imaginations. Nagy! _m

    new thoughts
    teases these tidal toes
    each step

  4. angiolainglese Says:

    lots of synaesthesia, beautiful

  5. Marion Clarke Says:

    Beautiful, Barbara


  6. janewilliams Says:

    Gorgeous words and image both. Perfectly rounded off with 'morning stroll' reminding me it's in the slowing down not the speeding up that real smoothness and softening takes place …

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