climate change rally
a toddler secure
on his father’s shoulders


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  1. Marianne Paul Says:

    Wonderfully done – love the juxtaposition – the anxiety/uncertainty that is created by climate change, especially the impact on the younger generations, coupled with the love, security and care of the father for the child, how the child must feel safe and protected. So many levels to this ku…

  2. Garry Eaton Says:

    Secure? Oh, the irony!

  3. Mojde Says:


    Bears the Testimony…
    Fragile Future,
    On his shoulder.

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    I do see that children and youngsters really enjoy these protests and rallies, and I guess they'll still rely on a parent or parents despite the best corporate efforts.

    climate change rally
    a toddler secure
    on his father’s shoulders


    And of course in chaos there is order. :-)

    Great senryu!


  5. Mojde Says:

    Mr. Summers thank you very much.
    There is remarkable point to ponder upon in this statement:
    and youngsters
    protest and rallies?

    And thank you dear Vanessa Proctor for capturing this wholesome moment…

  6. Bruce Feingold Says:

    Wonderful! Great image and appreciated the use of 'secure' in our 'insecure' world of climate
    change and the support and security of family. Living in No California with our terrible wildfires the last two weeks (and last several years) and its human and environmental destruction, climate change is no longer an abstraction but a living reality which we're are feeling in our heart & bones.

  7. papagreenbean Says:

    I categorize haiku and one major category is what I call, ECE, early childhood education. This is an ECE poem. Lovely and powerful. Good parenting is one of the most important keys to our future as a whole. This father is a good dad.

  8. Robert Kingston Says:

    Very thought provoking poem. Taking all that has been said before, then adding the actual action of lifting the child into where one would think the purist air exists at the rally. In doing so bringing in a further thought of the chemicals we roam amongst in our daily lives. Great poem for the moment.

  9. Vanessa Proctor Says:

    Thanks for your kind words everyone. Much appreciated!

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