pinning it down with a song childhood memory


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  1. Vidya Venkatramani Says:

    What a brilliant monoku

  2. Madhuri Pillai Says:

    Thank you Vidya

  3. MaryJo Says:

    Music is wonderful for that.
    Wonderful haiku.

  4. madhurip Says:

    Thank you.

  5. Michael Schoenburg Says:

    What is a MONOKU?

  6. papagreenbean Says:

    A monoku is a one line haiku.

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    Dear Michael,

    Just as papagreen aka John said, a monoku is a haiku written as one line, and is the haikai version of a monostich.

    For more details check out Area 17 "Travelling the single line of haiku – one line haiku / monoku / monostich" by Alan Summers.

    They are not always easy as they appear, Madhuri's has more craft to it than meets the eye! :-)

    warm regards,
    Alan Summers
    Call of the Page

  8. Padma Says:

    Well done, Madhuri!

  9. madhurip Says:

    Thank you Parma.

  10. Marilyn Hazelton Says:

    Madhuri, Lovely! Thank you! Marilyn

  11. madhurip Says:

    Thank you Marilyn.

  12. Alan Summers Says:


    pinning it down with a song childhood memory


    Great use of the verb. Sound (music) and scents are great for bringing back something from the recess of our former life (childhood).

    Beautifully crafted monoku (one line haiku).

    warm regards,



    eye of the song a blackbird touching the void

    Alan Summers
    Joint First Prize, The British Haiku Society Awards 2018/19 (Haiku Section) judge: Scott Mason


  13. madhurip Says:

    Thank you very much Alan.

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