revolving doors
the lies
we tell ourselves

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  1. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    Good stuff; very thought provoking

  2. Laurie Greer Says:

    It should be so easy to release ourselves form those lies–but we just keep going around and around, even as we see what we're doing. A succinct and elegant way to describe a habit that can be maddening.

  3. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    glass wings the lies we tell ourselves

    (Marie Louise Munro, Frogpond 39:1)

  4. Ann Says:

    what cha mean man.
    Never tell no lies

  5. magyar Says:

    Ingrid… as posed by you, so well seen in many ways_! That mirror..
    __ It may be we've all made those repetitious sights within that turn of glass; those spinning doors now becoming an icon of times passed.. _m

    trapped in each quarter
    time doors spin on their axis
    a mirrors return

  6. martin1223 Says:

    Enjoyed this very much!

    It is what the congress does except they are lying to us; from a representative or senator to a lobbyist $$$…

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