without a way to find you mourning dove


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  1. Garry Says:

    Good one!

  2. angie werren Says:

    thank you!

  3. jessica wheeler Says:

    Hearing but not seeing – a sort of hopelessness… Lovely!

  4. Margaret Dornaus Says:

    I love this one, Angie. So poignant.

  5. angie werren Says:

    Thank you, Jessica!

  6. angie werren Says:

    thanks so much, Margaret!

  7. Jeff Hoagland Says:

    Love this haiku – such a lovely, sad bird/moment

  8. angie werren Says:

    thank you, Jeff.

    I hear the mourning doves most days, right outside my window.

  9. Bob Redmond Says:

    lots and lots of space in this, very nice

  10. Angie Werren Says:

    thank you, Bob!

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