3am Tao
I try to sleep
without trying


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  1. kalaramesh Says:

    Absolutely lovely ku.
    Well done.

  2. Kat Lehmann Says:

    Thank you, Kala! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it. :)

  3. Bill Kenney Says:

    Hmmm. Maybe I've been trying too hard

    3 am
    the window full
    of moonlight

    Love the ku.

  4. Kat Lehmann Says:

    Thanks, Bill! That moonlight can be a beautiful companion but also a pesky reminder that sleep is slipping away!

  5. Jim Says:

    I don't know what that means, but am sure I have been there. Best! Jim

  6. Kat Lehmann Says:

    Haha…some things are beyond description, like insomnia :)

  7. David Gross Says:

    Wow, Kat, you made my day. I just ordered two of your books. Thank you.

  8. Kat Lehmann Says:

    I'll wow back at you, David! Thank you for your interest in my books. I can tell they will have a good home with you.

  9. Alan Summers Says:


    3am Tao
    I try to sleep
    without trying


    Neat haiku!


    I rarely have difficulty in sleeping but once in a while, talking about Tao, the road/route….


    sleep disorder
    the gas station lights
    keep me company

    Alan Summers
    Does Fish-God Know (YTBN Press 2012)


    Sacred Chao…
    the winter duck keeps
    its circle of water

    Alan Summers
    Blithe Spirit 24.1 (2014)

  10. Kat Lehmann Says:

    Thanks, Alan! I like your dreamy/undreaming haiku too! I'm usually a great sleeper, but now and then I just can't find the magic. That's when I write stuff like this, I guess!

  11. Alan Summers Says:

    Counting 'walkers' is good during the quarantine. Michonne is an inspiration! :-)


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