telling me over and over the undertow


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  1. jublke Says:

    Lorin, I love this. It’s everything a good haiku/senryu should be: immersive and brief.

  2. Janet Butler Says:

    Very nice. A story lurking there in “undertow”.

  3. papagreenbean Says:

    This one really works!

  4. Lynne Rees Says:

    Beautiful, Lorin. Spare, and precise but enigmatic, like so much of your work.

  5. MaryJo Says:

    Very nice, Lorin. Agree with Lynne about your spare and precise but enigmatic work.
    Thank you.

  6. martin1223 Says:

    ground swell
    the day moon draws closer

  7. Jim Runkle Says:

    Been there, done that and could never have told as well as you! Best!

  8. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    Hi, Lorin. I am a great admirer of your haiku and this one is no exception. Very nice!

  9. Bill Kenney Says:

    This draws me in like an undertow.

  10. Bruce Feingold Says:

    Very moving, haunting and so applicable to our time of covid.

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