fireflies on the outskirts of a moment


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  1. Andrea Cecon Says:

    Beayutiful. I really enjoyed it…

  2. Peggy Hale Bilbro Says:

    Ahh. Lovely. Just what I need today!

  3. Alan Summers Says:


    fireflies on the outskirts of a moment


    Ah, I certainly know about the outskirt of a moment, but thankfully there's no danger this time, only fireflies lighting up that looooooong second! :-)

    Glorious haiku!


    Not that a glass of wine is required, but when at hand, why not? :-)

    glass of merlot
    the night shares itself
    with fireflies

    Alan Summers
    Asahi Shimbun (Japan, November 2018)

  4. Agnes E Savich Says:

    Outskirts of a moment! Love that!!

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Lovely, Julie!

  6. angiolainglese Says:


  7. MaryJo Says:

    Love outskirts of a moment!
    Thanks, Julie.

  8. Nancy Rapp Says:

    Such a sparklingly beautiful way with words! Lovely!!

  9. martin1223 Says:

    What an interesting phrase! there is something super-real about it. I know that they are trying to attract a mate but in the late summer dusk these critters seem to float in the air as I walked down the street in silence. Unfortunately, I have not seen those magicians around my parts in five summers. That is not a good sign:

    heat sticks to the night


    firefly watching
    down this Ogod river
    in a stillness
    that spreads a moonless light
    the river of heaven

  10. Nancy A. Jensen Says:

    Beautifully evocative of those magical summer night moments!

  11. Bob Redmond Says:

    My many failed haiku on the subject of fireflies have taught me what an elusive subject this is. Your haiku illuminates it perfectly!

  12. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:


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