the warmth
of the skeleton’s hand


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  1. Bob Redmond Says:

    Love it, Michelle! Seasonal, and creepy good fun. Also, what Halloween is all about. Thanks!

  2. June Rose Dowis Says:

    I love this so much; thank you.

  3. martin1223 Says:

    Love this too, it’s just sweet!

    October night
    dead leaves rush towards me

    tinywords|30 October 2007

  4. Alan Summers Says:


    the warmth
    of the skeleton’s hand


    Delightful, if we assume the skeleton is a costume of course. :-)
    I've never shaken hands with a skeleton, even while on an official training day at a morgue, or the time we had a hand in formaldehyde waiting for prints to be able to lift.

    I love the line order, where we have trick or treating which can be harmless fun or a deadly prank. And then the warmth of the hand suggests someone who doesn't have the heart to do a nasty version of a prank, or perhaps the house-holder had plenty of bribes.

    It's sad that hand contact for some of us is a no-go during Covid-19 restrictions. The last time I shook hands was with someone who insisted despite the coming pandemic. It was in late February 2020, and privately, out of sight, I had to quickly get out an antiseptic wipe.

    I now welcome the namaste welcomes that I loved so much in India, that could be more common in the UK, or a simple hand across our heart. In exceptional conditions, once the plague has been dealt with in a few years, perhaps again I'll shake hands if held out in a friendly connecting manner.


    the goblins go back
    into their books

    Alan Summers
    Anthology: Haiku Friends 2 ed. Masaharu Hirata (Osaka, Japan 2007)

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