photograph of an abstract image with jagged black against a weathered looking background, and the text of the one-like monoku "downtime the conflict rages"

downtime the conflict rages

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  1. Peggy Hale Bilbro Says:

    The image perfectly matches your poem! Kudos. Scary times.

  2. Ray Caligiuri Says:

    Thank you for commenting, Peggy. Yes, it certainly is. Stay Safe.

  3. Alan Summers Says:


  4. C.R. Harper Says:

    There has been some debate in the Sci-Fi poetry community over whether this should be considered a speculative poem. It hinges on the interpretation of the word “downtime.” A mundane retreat or some time travel at work here? I appreciate that the image doesn’t have to take a side.

  5. Ray Caligiuri Says:

    Thanks for your comment. To your point, I always try engage the reader's imagination with my work.

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