hammock time
a neighbor?s lawnmower
cuts it short


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  1. Peter Newton Says:

    I should have caught the similarity sooner. Below is Dave Read's poem published in The Heron's Nest, December 2020:

    afternoon nap…
    a lawnmower
    cuts it short


    Clearly Cremin's poem is a coincidental case of de'ja' KU which happens sometimes.

  2. Tim Cremin Says:

    Wow–uncanny how similar–I had to go back and check my records to make sure I didn't inadvertently lift Dave's haiku. I am relieved to see my haiku in my journal from October 2020.

  3. Marion Clarke Says:

    I know it doesn?t say this, but I keep seeing the strings of the hammock being cut! ?

    Amusing ku.


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