talk of rain
the first drop hits
my lower lip

the well too full
for empty words to echo


Note: This is a tan renga by Jennifer Hambrick and Brad Bennett.

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  1. Mary Stevens Says:

    Very nice, Jennifer and Brad! I like the connections between the raindrop & the full well, and the talk & the words. The poem starts off sensual and ends full of emotion.

  2. MaryJo Says:

    I enjoyed this Jennifer and Brad–especially the raindrop/full well.

  3. Magyar Says:

    my umbrella drips
    pacing nature's tempo song

  4. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thanks so much, Mary. Brad Bennett wrote the haiku, and I wrote the final two-line capping verse.

  5. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thank you, Mary Jo! In writing the final two-line capping verse to Brad’s haiku, I wanted to take the “talk of rain” out of the superficial realm of empty weather chat and really plumb the emotions of that metaphor. The drop of rain that hits the “lower lip” in Brad’s haiku struck me as the first drop in a storm of words, a flood of emotions to come. To me, all that emotion was latent in the sensory imagery of the haiku.

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