autumn leaves falling for her

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  1. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    How sweet!

  2. Florin Ciob?c? Says:

    I really like it. Well done!

  3. Bob Redmond Says:

    The syntax (and monoku layout) sort of falls off the edge… It's an unexpected ending, and especially effective for that. Also unexpected because love is usually associated with spring, not autumn, although some (like me) see autumn as a generative time… a great time to plant things, start school, fall in love… thanks for the haiku!

  4. MaryJo Says:

    Thanks, Bryan for this lovely haiku.

  5. Vidya Venkatramani Says:

    So short, sweet and unexpected !!
    Wonderful !!

  6. Vijay Prasad Says:

    The element of surprise and the obscurity immaticully preseved, are the key factors making it great!

    Well done Bryan!

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