office mistletoe
in the teeth of
his comb over


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  1. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Good job it's not holly.
    Brought a smile, but also a tinge of sadness…..

  2. Magyar Says:

    snow flakes drift
    as a puppy sniffs the air
    black hair turns gray

    __So grand Helen; and too, that Haiku can create such parallel thoughts in a readers imagination, 'mistletoe to snow', sort of a juxtaposition within my mind. I'll get out the hair brush… smiles! _m

  3. Marion Clarke Says:

    Wonderful, Helen. This reminded me of Eliot’s Prufrock. This is one of those rare poems (haiku/senryu/half&half?) that includes both humour and pathos at once.

    Best wishes for 2022.


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