answering the loon
as a loon

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  1. agnesevasavich Says:

    ha! love this. both the story it tells and the perfectly chiseled language it uses to tell that story moment.

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    Wonderful! Finely crafted as well and perfect for New year's Eve.

  3. martin1223 Says:

    What a great poem to bring in the new year!

    And please excuse me, my tiny fizz…

    mountain lake
    full of the moon
    a loon’s call

  4. P. H. Fischer Says:

    Thanks, Agnes, Mary Jo and Martin! I appreciate your comments and am glad you like the poem. Happy New Year! Best wishes, Peter

  5. Magyar Says:

    each sip
    this thoughts echo
    a mime

    Grand, P.H. ! _m

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