graffiti wall
 a passing dog
  leaves his mark

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  1. Guy Stephenson Says:

    Excellent! It raised a smile and made me marvel once more at how haiku/senru can have such diverse sources of inspiration. I will never again watch my dog lift his leg without thinking of him as a potential graffitist.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Ah, graffiti, always a great topic for haiku or senryu!

    Graffiti was a life saver growing up in the City of Bristol (UK) due to Banksy.

    Now I've moved to Chippenham (UK) and we are having a skatepark and climbing centre which entails (pun part intended) a lot of graffiti on the construction site boarding.

    As this is in a parcel of land owned by a charity founded by the first Queen of England (Mary, not Elizabeth) there are a lot of dog walkers, and the dogs can be let off the leash!

    fresh graffiti
    the dog approves
    by signing

    Alan Summers
    Nick Virgilio Association "Haiku in Action" (April 2021)

  3. Magyar Says:

    sad eyes
    graffiti on this wall
    tear drops

  4. Karen Says:

    That made me smile. :-)

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