in the narrative of rain blackbird song


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  1. Mark Forrester Says:

    Beautiful monoku!

  2. Caroline Skanne Says:

    Thank you Mark!

  3. Guy Stephenson Says:

    Supremely succinct! And beautiful.

  4. Caroline Skanne Says:

    Thanks Guy!

  5. Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă Says:

    really nice!

  6. Caroline Skanne Says:

    Thank you!

  7. Al Gallia Says:

    Caroline, what a wonderful image. Love it.

  8. Caroline Skanne Says:

    Thank you Al!

  9. Mary Jo Says:

    the images you have chosen carry the mood so well–I feel those words here in WI.

  10. Caroline Skanne Says:

    Thanks Mary Jo!

  11. Magyar Says:

    birds choir
    their song in the rain
    a far drum.

    __Grand, Caroline, you've inspired this parallel thought; a far drum's thunder echo. _m

  12. Caroline Skanne Says:

    How lovely, thank you Magyar!

  13. martin1223 Says:

    enjoyed it very much! Everyone has a story…

    rising through a circle of bubbles humpback song

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