old chihuahua
what can you teach me
about the dew

all I see are moonsets
spread over the morning field



(Note: This is a tan renga by Kala Ramesh and Billie Dee)

7 Responses

  1. Vidya Venkatramani Says:

    How beautiful – Kala and Dev. Moonsets – wow !!

  2. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks, Vidya.
    The top verse which is so beautiful is Billie's, and the bottom one is mine.
    My first attempt at tan-renga.
    All thanks to Billie.

  3. Gabriel Says:

    Love it!

  4. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks, Gabriel.

  5. Mary White Says:

    old chihuahua and the dew… very light touch – karumi! . I love how in my mind, the dew drops become moon sets in the waki. Lovely work Billie and Kala

  6. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a ton, Mary.
    Kind of you to take time off to post your feedback.

  7. Mariette Brown Says:

    I just love this – so evocative and gentle. And ambiguous. (Is chihuahua a wise old dog, or a timeless place?). Well done.

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