letting the tea steep
the questions
we don’t ask

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  1. Gregory Longenecker Says:

    Nice one Valorie! But when the tea is done…

  2. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    Too true, Gregory. Thanks!

  3. Kath Abela Wilson Says:

    I love the association of steeping tea leaves with the questions, thoughts we ourselves “steep” inside! And the pause, outward silence while so much us inside the pot, unseen…

  4. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    Thank you, Kath. I tend to be a "slow processor," so I need that pause for my thoughts to "steep." You said it well.

  5. Magyar Says:

    within this clear
    leaves blend our tea
    ideas steep

    __Questions we search, Valorie…. hoping our "steep" will answer. Too, Kath, our inner.. "steep " may be our gift of life. _m

  6. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    Agree, Magyar.

  7. mary Jo Says:

    musing while our tea steeps–such a mirror image of what goes on inside–lots of questions, always the ones I can't answer easily.
    Wonderful haiku, Valerie

  8. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    Thank you so much, Mary Jo. I've learned over the years to sometimes not ask until I've reflected a bit.

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