the earth awake
first rain


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  1. Karen Harvey Says:

    Nice. I reminded me of when we went camping as children and we woke up to the sound of rain dancing on the canvas roof overhead.

  2. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Imagine the sound, and the intoxication of petrichor!
    Imagine the euphoria of a drought-blighted landscape where children rush out in glee to get soaked, springboks spring high into the air, and plants lying dormant suddenly come alive overnight.

    Thanks, Mike. Lots of memories here.

    drought plains
    clouds heavy with rain
    falling somewhere else

  3. Mandy Macdonald Says:

    Reminds me of my Australian childhood, but also of a drought-breaking storm on my last visit there:

    thunderclouds towering
    above steely bases, give way to
    hellish orange sky

    dragon storm crashes
    over our heads, at our heels
    flares us home

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