desert rainstorm
a flood of

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  1. Mark Dailey Says:

    I love this! Living in the monsoonal deserts of the American Southwest, it is very resonant. :)

  2. fionahevans Says:

    Thank you. Inspired by the West Australian outback :)

  3. Jill Lange Says:

    Beautiful! I’m fond of wildflowers where ever they are, and can really see these as if I’m there too. Thank you!!

  4. fionahevans Says:

    Thank you!

    cheeks pink
    with delight

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    I wondered if this was WA!

    desert rainstorm
    a flood of


    I had a wonderful time seeing so many, and sent off a haiku about everlastings and more!

    It's amazing that what we perceive as barren is a Smörgåsbord in waiting!

    Wonderful affirmation of a haiku.

    warm regards,

  6. Magyar Says:

    Grand, Fiona_!
    __The sweetening after any rain, natures deserts are an important part of our Earth. A little "word spell switch", smiles. _m

    as sunrises
    this end of a rainstorm

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