all the time in the world aspen grove


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  1. ingridbaluchi Says:

    These fragile speckle-trunk trees with 'Cleopatra eyes'….who would not love to wander?

    sleepy city
    trembling aspens
    whisper down the street

  2. John S Green Says:

    Lovely sentiment

  3. Sheila Sondik Says:

    Beautiful monoku!
    The fact that the entire aspen grove is considered to be one organism seems to be hinted at here.

  4. haikutravelyarns Says:

    Thank you,Sheila! That is exactly what I hoped people would read from the monoku. I was amazed to learn that the lovely sweeps of golden aspen I saw weaving through evergreen forest in Colorado were in fact clones. It reminded me of our Huon Pines in Tasmania,and made me feel we are very small in the grand continuum! Warm wishes,Marietta

  5. Marion Clarke Says:

    Beautiful, Marietta. I feel the speaker has abandoned all thoughts of time and is happy to bathe in the wonder of these trees.


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