knee deep in memory mountain scree

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  1. Nichael Cramer Says:

    The juncture and memory with the scree is so nice.

  2. Nichael Cramer Says:

    (The juncture OF memory…)

  3. Michael Lee Johnson Says:

    The new word "scree" makes this poetic sentence. Nice end word selection.

  4. Andrea Says:


  5. Greg Longenecker Says:

    Scree is a word for loose rocks on a mountain slope. Difficult to walk through since each step forward seems to take you two steps back.

  6. Marilyn Hazelton Says:


  7. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Mountain scree…normally shale, flat layers of compressed rock, difficult to walk upwards on as every step tends to slide one backwards. One step forward, two steps back. But here in this haiku, I take it that each step brings on a memory, a déjà vu experience, usually comforting.

  8. martin1223 Says:

    If you are not careful, memories could be painful. Enjoyed your poem!

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