the last song I sing her
the lullaby
she taught me


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  1. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Beautiful, moving and highly relatable.

  2. Alma Cole Pesiri Says:

    made me cry! my Mom gone, but never forgotten,.

  3. Nichael Cramer Says:

    How wonderful.
    The way that last line comes seemingly out of nowhere.
    What a marvelous Turn.
    Thank you for this.

  4. Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff Says:

    Perfect!! So touching.

  5. Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff Says:

    Perfect piece. Love it!

  6. Karen Harvey Says:

    So moving. Life going full circle.

  7. Vic Burkhammer Says:

    Has some real impact on me when I read it. Thank you.

  8. Bob Redmond Says:

    Patricia, thanks for this–anyone who has lost an elder can relate, and there's solace and even beauty as you relate it. Also well-chosen, tinywords, for the day.

  9. Patricia McKernon Runkle Says:

    Thanks, all, for such tender responses. Patricia

  10. snakypoet Says:


  11. Katrina Says:

    Deeply moving and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

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