cranberry bog
my inhibitions rise
to the surface

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    I learnt something new!!!

    "Cranberries have pockets of air inside the fruit. Because of this, cranberries float in water, and thus, the bogs can be flooded to aid in removal of fruit from the vines." –Cranberries dot org

    Wonderful haiku!

    warm regards,

  2. julieschwerin Says:

    This is just the perfect juxtaposition, Debbie! Yes, Dan and I had a chance to don the waders and muck around in a cranberry harvest here in Wisconsin, stirring around those floating berries. The berries literally pick themselves once the bogs are flooded with water. That our inhibitions might do the same in the presence of extreme circumstances of inundation, seems perfectly natural.

  3. Claire Vogel Camargo Says:

    Love your haiku, Deborah! Congrats! Love Alan's and Julie's comments! My inhibitions might rise to the surface too if I felt a cranberry going down inside my waders, or whatever!!

  4. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Wonderful visual, Debbie! Cranberries are my favorite on T Day along with stuffing!

  5. Magyar Says:

    above flodded bogs
    cranberrys float to your taste
    air bubbles sail

    __I've lived within this "Coastal' New England during my eighty years, in Eastern Massachusetts.
    I had always seen the Cape, as "The "Bogs Bank of Berrys." Now, other US areas have added too, and are prepping these seasonal treats; a plus to all tastes. But the history, sweetens it all! _m

  6. Marilyn Hazelton Says:

    Lovely! Nice to see you and hear you and Mariko read at HNA and Tanka Monday . . .

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