family vacation
the tangled roots
that trip us


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  1. J Balistreri Says:

    This rings true and you've said it so well. Thanks, Valerie

  2. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    Thank you, Jo.

  3. Magyar Says:

    tangled roots of time
    families that weave their stress
    such blends giving hope

    __Often… such hearts weave, secures their baskets

  4. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    Oh, I love this, Magyar!

  5. John S Green Says:

    Perfect poem!!! I just returned from a family vacation and your haiku rings so true!

  6. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    Thank you so much, John.

  7. Marion Clarke Says:

    Some wrongdoings, no matter how seemingly insignificant or how much time has passed, will rise to the surface and ”trip us.” A well observed truth, Valorie.


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