to love this body
just as it is
twisted shore pines

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  1. John S Green Says:

    Beautiful haiga. Love this sentiment, Annette!

    the wall mirror
    continues to shrink

  2. Alma M Pesiri Says:


  3. Sharon Says:

    Love this …. was thinking how the wiser we become through weathering so many storms the more beauty we give yet most fail to value this. So well captured.

  4. Magyar Says:

    Sharon's verse!

    wiser we become
    weathering so many storms
    more beauty we give

    __ Sharon! Your.. beautiful word connection above… melds into your strenghtful comment of Annette's, grandly felt verse_!

  5. Marion Clarke Says:

    I love “twisted shore pines” as a juxtaposition with the body as it ages.


  6. Sanjuktaa Asopa Says:


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