cicada dusk
this death poem
will never do

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    cicada dusk
    this death poem
    will never do

    —Christopher Patchel

    My time with cicadas, so loud, all I could hear was fighter jets flying too low over Queensland from Base Amberley!

    Dusk thankfully drew quieter from airbases and the wee creatures!

    It's hard to justify a good death poem or anything else in writing against such impressive volume!

    Thankfully Japan was easier!

    samurai legends —
    tsukutsukubôshi cicadas
    at Sumadera

    Alan Summers
    World Haiku Review, Japan Article: "Vending machines and cicadas"
    by Alan Summers (2003)

  2. darius Says:

    fresh mown lawn smell
    cicada song

    death poem
    Un finished

    Weird, I’m reading this for first time on Aug.3rd. but on the day this posted I had had some beers and these were two of my doodles. I guess it’s that time of year.
    Of course we’re not having Brood 10 this year so sound is more trickled than roared.

  3. darius s. Says:

    i've never quite been aware of 'cicada dusk' until this week. i just thought cicada + time of day, sounds like 'husk' -cicada shell. But this week and this poem have really opened my ears.. fully aware of it now. awesome.
    p.s. freed a big cicada from 2nd floor apt. hallway today. it let me slip the cobwebs off its wings and then phewww out the window.

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