first cool September morning
   catbird wrenching its cry
wrenching its cry

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  1. kanzawayaolcom Says:

    a cool dew
    tattoos the bird's feet
    the dove coos a wet warble

    –Jan Way

  2. Joanna Ashwell Says:

    love the repetition in this haiku.

  3. darius s. Says:

    blue jay
    crying in the cemetery –
    here, then there


    this happened exactly one week ago for me.

    but "wrenching" is It..
    i have many catbirds here by the river bank.
    i just keep hearing it slightly different each time i read it. i guess that's kinda catbird. angry squirrel sound.

  4. darius s. Says:

    just noticed author here. I have a copy of "The Silence Between Us".
    got off the interweb with a bunch of others.
    dedicated to J.B. & V.W.N? on 30 dec 2011. (names withheld )
    i dig it. thanks for the craft you show.

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