the struggle
to keep going
summer heat

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  1. Magyar Says:

    __ Nifty "b"_ !

    __ This struggle to fade-off that summer heat, and the "bee"… now shopping at the bloom_!

  2. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Thank you Magyar. Climate change is affecting every organism on earth or soon will. The struggle is real. I hope the bees make it!

  3. Kris Lindbeck Says:

    The photo really makes this haiga.
    It shows all beings are struggling . . . and yet their can be beauty and sustinance.
    Thank you.

  4. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Thank you, Kris. I am so glad you enjoyed this.

    do all the heavy lifting
    garden chores

  5. Martin Cohen Says:

    Agree with Kris but Ms. Kaufman's haiga are always wonderful,,,

    noon heat the scent of a mountain spring

  6. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Thank you for a lovely comment, Martin! I am so glad you enjoy my work.

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