tattered wings
the slow fade
of a monarch’s reign

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  1. Yvonne Cabalona Says:


  2. Kathabela Wilson Says:

    This is moving and subtle.
    The most delicate and tender
    I have seen about the monarch.
    Thank you!

  3. Jill Kelly Says:

    I love this

  4. Magyar Says:

    Grand Kim_!
    ___ Here, we can see such a paralell twixt birds and fish; scales, are the "fish fearhers."

    sun-light fins
    as birds swim in air
    thoughts bubble


  5. Melinda Says:

    Beautifully rendered and painfully poignant when extrapolated out to the species.

  6. darius s. Says:

    I’m happy to hear they may be making a comeback.

    suburban mums
    – Monarch’s
    fluttering after Occupy

  7. Midland Says:

    The imagery of the monarch's wings in disrepair evokes a sense of vulnerability and the ephemeral nature of power.

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