a sack
of windfall apples

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  1. Magyar Says:

    chosen yesterday
    apples tempting from that pick
    tastes of tomorrow

    __ Days of… "honors of the past, with wishful thoughts for tomorrow" Well seen Roland! _m

  2. Yaku Says:

    A poetic trio, each word carries its own weight.

  3. darius s. Says:

    waking up on a sunday
    outside the liquor store
    – Doves.

  4. darius s. Says:

    Dang it, is there an edit button I’m missing.
    Plz. Point to it.

    ” – pigeons”

  5. darius s. Says:

    apples under sackcloth

  6. acoustical drywall Says:

    A beautiful moment captured in just a few words. The image of a sack of windfall apples on a Sabbath day is so evocative. Thank you for sharing this.

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