country drive
I reorient
to landscape


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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    I just love this haiku! Sometimes we need the very quiet poems that set up vibrations so subtle we don't realise that we feel better in ourselves for some reason.

    country drive
    I reorient
    to landscape

    —Susan Yavaniski

    With the obsessiveness of skyscraping buildings that give such a narrow outlook for the pedestrian on the sidewalk, or even the motorist or taxi passenger, with no "expanse" to dwell upon, the idea of endless landscape and natural scenery, and yes, enjoying the wider scape of sky, bliss!

    And I notice the haiku has the magic number of six (words) which often have an energy of their own, from Hemingway onwards!

    Alan Summers
    founder, Call of the Page

  2. gutter Says:

    Embracing nature's rhythm,
    I find solace in the open road.

  3. contact Says:

    The short phrase "country drive, I reorient to landscape" suggests a shift in perspective or attention as someone embarks on a drive through the countryside. The use of "reorient" implies a deliberate adjustment, possibly indicating that the person is taking in and appreciating the surrounding landscape during the drive. It captures a moment of mindfulness or a conscious effort to connect with the natural environment.

  4. Peedee Visuals Says:

    You're confronting a situation or problem from a different angle, seeking a fresh perspective to gain understanding or find solutions.

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