watercolor painting of a whale in shades of teal and lots of white space around the whale, with the text of the haiku printed in the upper right

the blue hour
you slipped away
without a sound

5 Responses

  1. Gregory Longenecker Says:

    Very good, Debbie! You’ve captured the mood perfectly.

  2. ingridbaluchi Says:

    Beautiful, and poignant

  3. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Lovely, Debbie. So much dreaming space in this one!

  4. Magyar Says:

    life's moonrisen tide
    with such silent sight's fill
    as heart's shadows grew

    __ Blessed night-light of this moon, tomorrow's sun reflection… ._m

  5. Debbie Strange Says:

    A little note to thank you all for taking the time to leave such lovely comments! be well, Debbie

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