retirement party
sharing fruit punch
spiked with lies


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  1. Shelly T Says:

    Kathryn, such a POWERFUL, relatable haiku. SO well done!

  2. Gabriella Bedetti Says:

    I’m beside myself I love this haiku so much. Love the conventional first two lines, the tension between the last two lines'”sharing”/”spiked,” how the monosyllabic last five words crush the lavish first three words, the way “punch” has a non-“party” meaning, the assonance of “spiked” and “lies.”

  3. Ingrid Baluchi Says:

    Often true, unfortunately

  4. Mark Forrester Says:

    I’m going to a colleague’s retirement party next week. I may have to share this!

  5. Sam Shah Says:

    Brilliant poem.

  6. Marion Clarke Says:

    Any drink that’s spiked is not good news, but one “spiked with lies” packs a stronger punch!

    Well done, Kathryn.


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