quiet morning
the continuous beeping
of an auto alarm

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  1. Dylan Tweney Says:

    Happy new year! May you find stillness even within the beeping of a car alarm.

  2. Merrill Ann Says:

    Happy New Year. Good thought for the beginning of another year. Thanks.

  3. davidirafox Says:

    Loved the humor and the irony in this 'ku.

  4. dudleydesouza Says:

    The glint of eyes slowly opening
    behind closed wooden shutters.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    I wish we had more of Mike's wonderful haiku. Mike Farley has just lost his battle with cancer. He was a great haiku writer, and a cool person to know.

    harvesting moon
    the death of a friend
    a lost jigsaw piece

    Alan Summers
    …earlier version Asahi Shimbun, Japan

    this version i.m. Mike Farley

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