I’ll put it back in the earth, as soft as dust :: a word too much

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  1. Carole Dwinell Says:

    Intense. But lovely, soft and so willing to have many interpretations. Beautiful!

  2. Audrey Manring Says:

    Not a “word too much” here. Soft words, solid as earth. Thank you.

  3. Merrill Ann Gonzales Says:

    a word to remember…thanks, merrill

    first resolution broken already

  4. Kathabela Wilson Says:

    I feel this as an exquisite and unusual poem, I find it very moving…

  5. Stacy Post Says:

    Haunting and tender. Deeply felt. Thank you!

  6. Rhoda Galgiani Says:

    Impressive words bringing the reader wanting to read this haiku again. Nice work!

  7. marjorie buettner Says:

    Thank you for sharing your unique vision.You truly have the gift of insight.
    Thank you for your words

    Marjorie Buettner

  8. Carole Katsantoness Says:

    Very moving, thank you!

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