outside the bar
men like broken houses

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  1. Garry Eaton Says:

    say brother, can ya spare me a dime?

  2. Rhoda Galgiani Says:

    Sad observation, but I guess it is true from a man’s perspective.

  3. Garry Eaton Says:

    This is either an axiom or a simile. Neither reading renders it a haiku. What am I missing?

  4. Matt Hetherington Says:

    missing nothing, gary! if you don’t get it after one or two reads, no biggie — there’s always more! which is the nice thing about short poems. haiku can be found in lots of places, but these are just short poems/haiku/rooku/youku/trueku blah. thanks for the comments…

  5. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    Broken is huge, like death.

  6. Barry G Says:

    I like the haiku, Matt. Good images.

  7. Garry Eaton Says:

    Right, Matt. I forgot he had broadened the format net. This ‘short poem’ contains an evocative simile. But I would question the pessimism of the alternative reading. Though Rhoda seems to have read it as a statement of macho bravado, it’s decidedly misanthropic, in my view. Care to comment?

  8. lorin ford Says:

    well, 5 years later I catch up with this…shows what I've not been doing. :-)

    Matt, it's an interesting enough simile… yes, a good short poem, in its way. (But there's no such bloody thing as 'rooku', as you & I both know, except as a local promotion effort by the few usual suspects, and I wouldn't say this simile amounts to a haiku.) I've read far better of your work.

    – Lorin

  9. Cami Says:

    Ihanan lisäyksen olet kiklosirjakakoesmiisi hankkinut! Kissa joka tuli jouluksi kotiin ja Mannerin teos löytyvät myös Naukulasta. Nyt jäi vähän kiinnostamaan nuo Herriotin kissakirjat….Hmmmm.

  10. Rick Says:

    Of course….why didn't I think of that?!

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