winter stars without you to name them

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  1. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    Alone under the stars and living
    in the precious memory.

  2. Rhoda Galgiani Says:

    Simply moving. Amazing how a short poem like this can have so much emotion.

  3. Mike Farley Says:

    Wonderful! Beautiful!

  4. Kathe Palka Says:

    Beautiful, sad, moving. Thank you.

  5. Merrill Ann Gonzales Says:

    Oh, Roberta, My John always knew the name of everything! And you’ve named the spot where I now live.

  6. jem Says:

    Fantastic one liner. So much in it, what’s there and what’s not.

  7. Bill Zimmer (2EmptyChairs) Says:

    Your poem was fun, for me! First read, I thought it sad and moving. Second read, I imagined that the person COULD be relieved that he was finally left to his own thoughts and imagination.

  8. Scot Siegel Says:

    I like the spare quality in the speaker’s longing very much… one from my pocket:

    handful of agates
    nootka roses on the wind
    this far without you

  9. guest Says:

    magnificent line!…

    i could feel how sad this is…

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