And don’t snow geese and immortality take their shadows from the sea

Originally published on Falling Off the Mountain.

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  1. syllable?17 Says:

    If shadows could speak they would grass up the sea

  2. marjorie buettner Says:

    once again an illusive yet eloquent line of poetry…

  3. Merrill Ann Gonzales Says:

    Grant, This is marvelous. Do you have a book out?

  4. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    A nice line of poetry, but I think the mortality they take is not im-.

  5. Carolyn stabler Says:

    A beautiful line, I loved it!!

  6. Rhoda Galgiani Says:

    I am trying to relate to this…but, I just can’t. Doesn’t mean it is not good, means I just don’t get it!

  7. Grant Says:

    Thanks for the comments, all.

    Merrill Ann, I don’t have a book out. But would dearly love to. You can read my poems at my blog, Falling Off the Mountain. Many thanks!

  8. Nina Buck Says:

    i found this poem so lovely

  9. Scot Siegel Says:

    reminds me of Neruda’s Book of Questions, a compliment

  10. Grant Says:

    Nina, Thank you for your very kind words. Scot, I write one line poems because of Neruda’s Book of Questions. Your compliment takes my breath away. Grant

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