casino lights
your bad luck ringing
all their bells

5 Responses

  1. syllable?17 Says:

    down that alley
    a broken neon advert
    sparking on and off

    ? s?17

  2. michaelann bewsee Says:

    So many images in so few words!

  3. d. f. tweney Says:

    Vegas lights
    reflecting off worn faces:
    late moonrise

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    I would have thought “good luck” would be ringing all their bells, they hate winners don’t they? ;-)

    ace of spades?
    the security guy hums
    a James Bond theme

    Alan Summers

  5. Rhoda Galgiani Says:

    Bad luck would bring a lot of silence…

    triple sevens
    start bells ringing
    whistle while you work

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