cold morning
touching my breasts

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  1. Bob Burgan Says:

    In December I went to the H.S.A. Meeting at the Asian Museum in Pasadena. It was a Saturday I think. I was the only male in a group of 12 or so. They were very hospitable and friendly with Xmas cookies and tea. We shared our Haiku and composed some right there. They had me read from their cards aloud. One participant, I think it was Ms. Nakano, read her entry that was accepted by you. She was a bit embarrassed with me there. It was fine with me. I commented about the pain of my nipples when I first visited Muir Woods because of the intense humidity and moisture under those giant trees. Later, I was almost in tear when I read my own composed haiku about being homeless in Long Beach…which was, at the time, my oldest sons plight. It was a profound experience for me.

  2. syllable?17 Says:

    across the block
    a woman looks out
    as I look in

    ? s?17

  3. Cathy Broadwell Says:

    eyes of anguish
    the photograph shows
    her empty dreams

  4. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    Memories can move us in directions of
    discovery and innovation.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Good strong haiku.

    Alan Summers

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