morning coffee
one bare foot
under another

11 Responses

  1. pat boutilier Says:

    I like how this could be about a person alone, a couple, or I think of my grandkids who pile together and sleep like puppies!

  2. Kujtim Says:

    That coffee to-day
    I am alone..

  3. Alison Says:

    Delightful haiku! I second what Pat says…

  4. Kaye Laird Says:

    Ahh—so true and comfy!

  5. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    A contented time~! Yes~!

  6. gergely lászló Says:

    reggeli kávé
    egyik csupasz lábfejem
    egy másik alatt

  7. Kaye RV Says:

    black coffe
    never again

  8. Siti Says:

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