Issue 10.1 Now Available in Print

Issue 10.1 is now complete, and I’m pleased to be able to offer it as a printed book.

This is something I’ve wanted to do with tinywords for a long time. There is something about the physicality of a book that makes for a completely different experience: Not better or worse, but different. It’s more tactile, more conducive to relaxed reading, more leisurely, and feels less evanescent.

I’ve taken a lot of care to present the poems as carefully and beautifully in this volume as they appear here on the web site. Each poem stands on its own page, with lots of room to “breathe,” and the layout I think is simple without becoming monotonous.

Thanks to Lulu, a print-on-demand service, the print version of tinywords is just $9 plus shipping. If you buy a copy, about three dollars will go to tinywords, and we’ll use that money for the next edition and for our web hosting fees.

I hope you like this edition of tinywords. Of course, you can still browse through all of the poems in the issue 10.1 archive here, and you can read an electronic version of the print issue on Scribd, a document-sharing service, for free.

A few notes about issue 10.1: It was edited by d. f. tweney, with help from Shae Davidson, David Jensen, and John Emil Vincent.

The background art (the drawing of a calla lily) is by d. f. tweney.

The summer issue, 10.2, will begin appearing here tomorrow, with a new, summer-themed look. I hope you’ll join us for it!

6 Responses

  1. Earl Moore Says:

    Mr. Tweney,
    Thanks xo much for 10.1 iisue. I enjoyed it ever so much and my favorites are: snatched by the wind, riverside wedding,
    remission, and morning coffee. The writing of short poems has become a challenge of mine and I desire to write
    meaningful ones that readers can enjoy. I have written haiku that was published on Simply Haiku and poems for Four and Twenty. A set of poems to come that might be tinywords material.
    The end of my email has some of my poems that are longer and christian in nature.
    Thanks again for tiny words that evoke thought and a desire to write.

    Earl Moore

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