Introduction to Issue 10.2

The summer 2010 issue of tinywords begins today.

Both the quantity and quality of work submitted for this issue were astonishing. Over a 15-day period, we received 875 submissions, including poems, haiga and haibun.

Selecting three months’ worth of daily poems from that incredible pool was really difficult — not just because of the volume, but because we had to say no to many terrific poems. If your work didn’t find its way into this issue, please rest assured that’s not necessarily a judgment on its quality, even in the editors’ own admittedly idiosyncratic estimation.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.In the end we picked a bit over 50 poems for this issue — 54 to be exact. These will appear over the next two and a half months, at the end of which we plan to publish a printed and bound version of this issue, as we did with issue 10.1.

This issue was edited by tinywords publisher d. f. tweney, with assistance from Shae Davidson and John Emil Vincent. The background art is based on a photograph by Matteo Angelino. The tinywords website runs on WordPress, and is hosted at Birdhouse Hosting.

It takes a lot of work to put an issue of tinywords together, so I am looking for coeditors. If you are interested in helping with future issues of tinywords, either by editing or by helping with print design and layout, contact me please: dylan (at) tinywords dot com.

Update 10/11/2010: There is a printed version of this issue available! It’s a handsomely-formatted print edition with just one poem per page, and it’s available for $10 from, a print-on-demand service.

Issue 10.2 is also available as a free e-book on, a document-sharing service.

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