seaside rest home
the gentle swell
of his belly

6 Responses

  1. petertwo.oh Says:

    Succinct! Just a few words transmit an experience, a story. Like it!

  2. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Great image. Thanks for this, Bouwe.

  3. Alison Says:

    Lovely and pleasing!

  4. Arnold Vermeeren Says:

    Great haiku Bouwe! Complete relaxation, with a smile! Thanks.
    Arnold Vermeeren

  5. Ria Giskes-Pieters Says:

    When I shall see the sea, I’ll think of this lovely haiku, Bouwe!


  6. Alan Summers Says:

    An old sea dog appreciating his final years? Good one. ;-)

    The With Words Haiku Competition 2010:

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