last day of vacation—
the blackberries
won’t let me go

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  1. petertwo.oh Says:

    The blackberries mention is a little cryptic. Are they the RIM variety? ;-)

  2. david kelly-hedrick Says:

    Sweet! Lovely words, lovely image, lovely thought. I hope this makes it to the eventual anthology of great (and delicious) blackberry poems….gracias Alexa.

  3. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Simple, in the best sense, and truthful. Compelling as the experience it describes.

  4. Allison Millcock Says:

    Gave me a big smile – thanks :-)

  5. judith ingram Says:

    I like your blackberry story. Here is mine about the end of summer:

    Wizened yellow apples
    along the side of the road.

  6. martin1223 Says:

    flat tire…
    truckers and pickers
    full of roses

  7. james Says:

    Stopping for blackberries

    small plam in my hand

    The lane back to school

  8. martin Says:

    It gave me a grin with blackberries stuck between my teeth.

  9. Gergely László Says:

    vége a vakációnak –
    a teli szederfák

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