two clouds collide
over rush hour

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  1. gillena cox Says:

    rush hour–
    a line up of cars
    at a standstill

    much love

  2. Christopher Pickslay Says:

    Wow, so many images this evokes. I'll never look at a cloud the same way. Nice job!

  3. Christopher Pickslay Says:

    obscuring the sun,
    rimmed with light–
    brontosaurus? perhaps a horse…

  4. Andrea Says:

    nicely done!

  5. Ted van Zutphen Says:

    in a clear blue sky
    towering clouds float freely

  6. Alison Says:

    I love the majesty of this. A wonderful haiku moment!

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    traffic jam
    a driver fingers the breeze
    through the sunroof

    Alan Summers
    1.‘The New Haiku’ Snapshot Press, 2002, ISBN 1-903543-03-7
    2.Snapshots 2 April 1998 ISSN 1461-0833

    down side streets –
    seagulls turning the sky
    in and out

    Alan Summers
    1.The New Haiku Snapshot Press, 2002, ISBN 1-903543-03-7
    2.Presence #10 ISSN 1366-5367 1999 haiku presence webpage Editor's Choice 5
    3. seagull haiku . . . a collection by various poets (August 2006)

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