flea market~
every old watch
keeps its time

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  1. aubriecox Says:

    As a frequenter of flea markets, I really appreciate this haiku. This is what came to mind for me when I read it:

    flea market
    someone's grandmother's
    pin in the case

  2. haikutec Says:

    Ah, those lovely old watches. ;-)

    Old Curiosity Shop –
    laquered dolls
    out in the mid-day sun

    Alan Summers
    Shamrock Haiku
    Journal of the Irish Haiku Society (Spring 2007)

  3. Christopher Pickslay Says:

    outside the market,
    a flea
    bides its time

  4. Ed Schwellenbach Says:

    flea market
    the time is now
    for old watches

  5. Ed Schwellenbach Says:

    time capsule
    inside the watch
    his retirement date

  6. gillena cox Says:

    vacation haunts–
    Portobello Road

    much love

  7. Ivan P. Says:

    yes yes that's it: and so any possible
    time is lost somewhere in between

  8. GreenFairy Says:

    M-am bucurat mult sa vad ca aceste cuvinte frumoase au fost scrise de o romanca.

  9. martin1223 Says:

    flea market
    a mouse noses
    an old watch

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