a yellow leaf
describes the course
of the wind

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  1. carole johnston Says:

    Thanks for the link to Ruggieri's website. iIam now a fan of her work.
    Carole Herzog-Johnston

  2. gillena cox Says:

    delightful; i especially like Line Two

    much love

  3. martin1223 Says:

    autumn light
    the shadows of leaves
    follow the wind

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    Simple, almost too simple, but incredibly evocative, with so many levels. Helen, it's fantastic! ;-)

  5. judith ingram Says:

    Succinctly, you have given us such a moving image of autumn. Very special.

    Summer's end
    frost replaces
    morning dew

  6. @Gen1941 Says:

    Late autumn –
    Reminds of that
    Music of wind

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